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After a very tough year of trying to keep things afloat for the brand amidst a pandemic, the decision has been made to cut back operations. Starting December 1st, 2020, Spicy Boys Club will be operating at a very limited capacity until things have improved with the current global crisis.

What exactly does this mean?

1. Limited product inventory

2. No new releases

Instead of closing up shop completely, we're reducing our product availability. We'll be maintaining a very limited inventory of a few select products. Only the most popular pieces will be available, and that availability will be limited to our inventory, which will be replenished monthly. This also means no new releases until things take a turn for the better.

We appreciate all the support that's been received so far, it's helped us grow so much in just a couple short years. But as is the case with countless other businesses, the landscape has been entirely changed for us. Between the lack of regular live events, a big hit in sales, and the suppliers we use to print our tees and hoodies having reduced inventory, it's become too difficult to keep SBC running at it's current capacity, and gives us no room for growth.

This was a hard decision to make, but a necessary one in order to keep the brand going in the long run. As a parting gift to everyone that's supported us, we've started our Black Friday Sale early, and it will be going all month. Until December 1st, we are having a buy one, get one 40% off sale, no code is required. We will be fulfilling and shipping all orders no later than December 14th, to make sure your gifts are where they need to be for the holidays.

Thank you all for the support, we hope everyone stays safe, and we'll be back soon enough in a very big way.

Lost in the Sauce - Limited Edition Tie Dye Cropped Hoodie

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Mystery Box

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Made in Santa Cruz, California